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Introducing the Ezra Foundation

Vision & Purpose

I am pleased to be able to share with you this new ministry initiative. The Ezra Foundation is the outworking of a heart felt passion to communicate Biblical truth regarding God’s purposes for Israel and the nations. The intention is to accomplish this in a way that is both fresh and stimulating yet remains faithful to the Bible. We have recently been blessed to partner with Chosen People Ministries in this mission. The partnership with CPM will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the relationship which will enrich the biblical content we seek to produce. The vision statement of the Ezra Foundation is this:

The Ezra Foundation exists to encourage and facilitate the serious study of the Word of God by producing resources that promote a biblical understanding of Israel in the plan of God.

We are primarily a Bible teaching ministry – we feel that there is a real need for solid biblical teaching in this area. Recent trends indicate that many people are being influenced by cultural pressures to interpret the Bible, especially with questions concerning Israel, through a narrative that is heavily influenced by 21st century politics and worldviews. The Ezra Foundation aims to refocus the discussion to the realm of the Bible, endeavouring to communicate how a proper understanding of God’s plan for Israel is to be understood within the larger context of the biblical narrative. This will not only bring clarity and truth to an often-contentious arena, but it will also allow people to appreciate the fullness of God’s redemptive plan for the world. Such theological pursuits are exciting and necessary for God’s people and will help us to clearly speak truth and move forward with the discussion in a way that does not vilify and upholds Christ’s command to love.

Foundational Principles

As a ministry we hold to the following foundational principles that inform our work and teaching:

  1. A firm belief in the ongoing validity of God's covenantal promises to Israel, including the future national salvation and restoration to the land.

  2. A deep appreciation of the original Jewish context of Christianity and affirmation of the Jewish identity of Jesus.

  3. An ongoing commitment to affirm and support the proclamation of the Gospel as the only way of salvation among the Jewish people.

  4. A strong rejection and critique of supersessionism (replacement theology) as a valid theological construct.

  5. A strong rejection of antisemitism in general, and theological antisemitism in particular.

  6. A recognition that a balanced approach to biblical eschatology is crucial in equipping the Church to understand the times.

Operational Principles – The 7:10 Mandate

The Ezra Foundation takes its inspiration from this verse in the book of Ezra:

“For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the Lord and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel.” Ezra 7:10

The threefold example given by Ezra in this verse serves as the operating principle for the ministry. We desire to see all believers set their heart to study the scriptures, to practice what they learn, and teach these to others. In order to accomplish these goals, we have devised the ‘7:10 Mandate’ which outlines the goals of the ministry.

STUDY: Primary importance is given to the study of the scriptures. The Ezra Foundation is committed to upholding Biblical authority while encouraging believers to explore what the Bible teaches concerning Israel and the nations. Emphasis will also be placed on studying Jewish history, the Jewish context of Jesus, the historical relationship between Israel and the Church, and the roots of the current Middle East conflict.

PRACTICE: The goal of studying the scriptures is to produce a living practical faith. This is the essence of discipleship and part of fulfilling the great commission to "make disciples". By providing a biblical framework to understand the role of Israel in God's larger redemptive plan, the Church will be better equipped to engage and correct the strong anti-Israel narrative that pervades the culture and too often the Church.

TEACH: The primary focus of the Ezra Foundation will be on producing resources to equip the Church with a robust theology of Israel that upholds the integrity of God's covenantal promises. This will include sharing content and collaborating with like-minded scholars, pastors, and leaders. This will necessarily involve looking at the wider geo-political issues involved and helping believers construct a balanced and biblical framework to understand this complex history.

The desire is to ensure that these truths are communicated to the next generation in a way that is contextually relevant, will foster a deep love for the Bible, and accurately expresses God's heart towards His people.

The Israel Series

The Ezra Foundation will produce a five-volume series of introductory books that will provide solid biblical teaching around these subjects in an accessible format. The first two volumes are already available:

Volume 1 – Why Israel? Understanding God’s Plan for Israel & the Nations

Volume 2 – Why the Jewish People? Understanding Replacement Theology & Antisemitism

These works have already received endorsement by leaders in the Messianic Jewish community and Jewish Missions. President of Chosen People Ministries, Dr. Mitch Glaser writes:

“I am delighted to commend these books to you. They introduce the reader to a sound biblical theology of the role God has given in scripture to the Jewish people and the land of Israel. It is comprehensive, understandable, Biblical, and sensitive to the concerns Jewish people oftentimes have about Christianity. As the leader of a global mission to the Jewish people I highly recommend they be used and studied as it will inspire and educate those who believe the Bible literally and love the Jewish Messiah Jesus.”

We look forward to serving the Church in this capacity and would appreciate your prayerful support in this new venture. To follow the work of the Ezra Foundation please subscribe to the newsletter through the website and follow the social media accounts.

To purchase the books or request a speaking engagement please go to:

In His Service

Thomas Fretwell

Ministry Director

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