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WHY ISRAEL? is the first book in a series that explores the topic of Israel through the lens of scripture, bringing clarity to a controversial topic. Has the Church replaced Israel in the plan of God? Does ethnic Israel still have a future? What about Israel today? These questions and more will be answered by providing readers with an outline of a biblical theology of Israel.


“Introduces the reader to a sound biblical theology of the role God has given in scripture to the Jewish people and the land of Israel.”

Dr Mitch Glaser, President, Chosen People Ministries (New York)


“This book provides the church with excellent teaching and study material. Thomas writes with a well-trained ‘theologians eye’ complemented by spiritual passion and insight.”

Rev Alex Jacob M.A., M.Phil, CEO The Churches Ministry Among Jewish People (CMJ UK)

Why Israel? Understanding God's Plan for Israel & the Nations

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